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Ramnicu Valcea Str. Tudor Vladimirescu Nr. 43
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45.104387, 24.384314

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Emergency Call 112
A.R.R. 0250.730.241
Traffic Police 0250.732.203
Rm. Valcea City Hall 0250.731.016
DISTRIGAZ SUD S.A. 0250.744.082
School Inspectorate 0250.733.460

Traditional Manifestations

  • * Muiereasca (January)
  • * Ramnicu Valcea (25 February - 15 March) - Valcea porch
  • * Stoners (April 10th) - Costume Hora
  • * Vladesti (May) - Golden Hands
  • * Tomsani (May) - Golden Honeycombs - Beekeeper's Feast
  • * Horezu (June 3-5) - Honez Rooster - Romanian Folk Ceramic Fair
  • * Vaideeni (June) - The Lover of Love - Pastoral Folk Celebration
  • * Bunesti (June) - Easter celebration
  • * Govora (2-3 July) - Flowers of Govora
  • * Bujoreni (July) - Rapsodia valului valley
  • * Ramnicu Valcea (August) - Olt Songs - Inter-County Folk Manifestation with International Participation
  • * Babeni (September) - At the enchanted spring
  • * Tetoiu (October) - The Vineyard Gathering
  • * Dragasani (October) - The Festival of Wine and Wine
  • * Creteni (October) - Gold Struggle
  • * Ionesti (October) - Fall of apples - Celebration of fruit growers
  • * Otesani (October) - Song of Luncavat
  • * Malaia (December) - Small Flowers - Contest of winter habits in Loviste Country
  • * Barbatesti (December) - "Gheorghe Bobei" Festival

Obiective turistice Ramnicu Valcea
Vizitati princilale atractii locale


Zilele municipiului Ramnicu Valcea

Manifestarile dedicate Zilelor orasului, care se desfasoara in perioada 24 - 29 iulie, includ concerte de muzica rock, pop, clasica sau de muzica populara, exercitii de acrobatie aeronautica, parasutism, plimbari cu balonul deasupra municipiului, o parada cu masini de epoca, curse auto de viteza pe bulevardul Dem Radulescu, curse de ciclism, vernisajele unor expozitii. Detalii ...

Alte obiective turistice

The city is relatively new, with no Roman terms or anything else that leads to the conclusion that it is an old settlement (not the same thing can be said by the locality, now Olanesti village). It is situated in the valley of Tisa (known more as the Olanesti River) tributary of Olt, surrounded b ...

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Voineasa is a mountainous locality in northern Valcea County, about 80 km from Ramnicu Valcea (county seat), situated on the Lotru Valley, in the southern mountains of the same name at an altitude of 600-800 meters. The climate of the locality is typical of intramontane depressions, with cool sum ...

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This locality, where Mircea cel Batran built the monastery of Cozia, has been known since the Dacians, who have discovered the beneficial effects of the thermal waters in the area. The resort has expanded over time to Caciulata where there are plenty of thermal and mineral springs, and then to Co ...

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 Govora Baths develop late as an urban and spa resort. In 1876, the peasant Gheorghe Ciurea digs a well and finds out that the burning water comes out (the name of the heavy oil, also known as the oil). Salt water also comes out and can not be used as drinking water. Subsequent oil surveys b ...

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The city of Horezu was located in the central part of Valcea County, Romania. It is approximately situated in the middle of the distance between Râmnicu Vâlcea and Târgu Jiu.

 The development of the Horeztian settlements is related to the transhumance routes, the ro ...

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Transalpina Sky Resort

In September 2011, the construction of the new VIDRA - TRANSALPINA ski area, which is one of the largest and most beautiful in the country, started in September 2011, being over 80 km of slopes reaching up to 2100 m altitude mostly in alpine voids. In March 2012 the first ski slope was inaugurate ...

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Saline Ocnele Mari

The Ocnele Mari Salt is, perhaps one of the most important tourist attractions in Vilcea County, a goal you should not miss if you are nearby. Saline is a former salt mine that has now been opened to the public both as a museum and as a health center and recreation area. Entrance to the salt mine ...

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